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  Namibian Roads & Driving



Namibia is ideal for self-driving trips and guests that wish to explore the spectacular landscape via the road network system. The road system of 42,000 km is maintained by the Namibian government and connect all major towns and cities. As you travel through the country you will see that the road network is continuously expanding as new roads are added.
The open roads of Namibia invites visitors to explore the country at a relaxed pace!

In Namibia driving is done on the left side. Traffic volume overall is low and guests are guaranteed a pleasant and stress-free journey. We do recommend that you consider requesting a GPS device as this will make it a lot easier to reach your destination. The road surfaces vary a lot and that is why it is important to us at All Round Namibia that you choose the right vehicle for your trip! Visit OUR FLEET for more informartion on our vehicles.

Gravel Roads
Most guests visiting Namibia and opted for a self-driving holiday, will eventually travel on the gravel road system to reach the lodges, guest farms, National Parks and attractions. Traveling on the gravel roads can be a pleasant experience and this is where you truly can see the beauty of the landscape. At All Round Namibia Tours & Transfer we believe that our visitors should use the right type of vehicle suited for the roads so that they can arrive safely at their destinations. Therefore our fleet consists of SUV or 4x4-type vehicles that have been tried and tested on all types of Namibian roads and driving conditions.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on tarred roads in Namibia is 120 km/h, however a speed of 100 km/h is recommended until you are familiar with the tarred roads and local traffic conditions. Experience has taught us that a safe speed on gravel road is 60km/h. At this speed, in most cases, you will be able to control the vehicle and reach your next destination safely.

Tarred Roads
Towns in Namibia are often a noticeable distance from each other and driving can be sometimes become tedious and tiring. We recommend that guests take regular breaks to stay awake and alert or divide their trip to reduce the distance traveled per day.

Visit our MAP SECTION to view the topography of Namibia, towns, cities and local attractions.

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