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Namibian Currency - Namibian Dollar

Namibia has its own demarcated currency, the Namibian Dollar that is identified by the symbol N$ and the exchange code NAD. The Namibian Dollar has been the country’s official currency since 1993.

The Namibian Dollar is fixed to the South African Rand (ZAR) at a rate of 1:1. South African Rand can be used within Namibia for payments and is accepted by nearly all businesses, lodges and shops. Namibian Dollar however cannot be used in South Africa - or neighbouring countries Angola, Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe - and visitors will need to visit the Bureau de Change or bank to change Namibian Dollar to Rand if travelling onwards.

Visitors from abroad that make use of the much stronger US Dollar and European currencies when travelling will get a lot of Namibian Dollars for 1 US Dollar or Euro. A quick search on the internet will indicate the latest exchange rates or you can click on gthe links below for more information:

US Dollar to South African Rand / Namibian Dollar USD:ZAR

Euro to South African Rand / Namibian Dollar EUR:ZAR

Great British Pound to South African Rand / Namibian Dollar GBP:ZAR

It is easy and convenient to convert foreign currency to Namibian Dollars. Authorized dealers have to be registered with the regulating authority, The Bank of Namibia. For a list of authorized dealers you can visit the Bank of Namibia’s website by clicking on this link:

Authorized Bureau de Change in Namibia

Namibia has three major banking institutions that may also be visited to exchange foreign currency to local Namibian Dollars or South African Rand. For more information on the banking institutions click on the below links:

First National Bank of Namibia is the country’s largest and most popular banking institution. They offer a handy online Forex Calculator that calculates the conversion of your preferred currency to Namibian Dollars. For more information on First National Bank’s foreign exchange rate services you can follow this link:

First National Bank Forex Services

Standard Bank of Namibia is another one of the large banking institutions that can be contacted to exchange foreign currency. Visitors will have to contact the bank directly for more information regarding the exchange of foreign currency.

Standard Bank of Namibia

Nedbank Namibia has a very handy online Forex Rate Feed that visitors will surely find useful when trying to find the best rate for converting foreign currency into Namibian Dollars.

The Bureau de Change can be found at the international airport as well within the shopping malls and city centres in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Travelling away from the major business centres of Namibian it may be difficult to find a Bureau de Change or banking institution that can accept foreign currency and exchange it in to Namibian Dollars. Lodges, hotels and facilities will however be glad to help with any information on where to exchange foreign currencies.


Credit card and debit card facilities are widely accepted. Visitors will thus be able to make payments by means of Visa and Mastercards at nearly all shops, lodges, hotels and businesses. Visitors are advised to be vigilant when travelling with cash and to always keep it on them. Cash is accepted at all facilities, and is always a good idea to have on hand when visiting more remote areas and lodges, where internet connectivity can be a problem at times.

It is a good idea to pay lodges, hotels and your car rental company in advance via EFT (electronic fund transfer)or bank transfer before arriving in Namibia to avoid unnecessary stress with fluctuating internet connectivity or faulty cards. We also recommend that visitors do this in order to avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash to make payments.

Cheques have been completely phased out and is no longer an accepted means of payment. E-currency is also not an accepted payment method in Namibia.


Visitors to Namibia will find that the country is quite affordable to visit. The exchange rate is high between the Namibian Dollar and dominating currencies such as US Dollar, Euro and British Pounds. Depending on your choice of hotels, lodges and rented vehicle - you can either opt to travel on a budget or splurge a bit to indulge in the luxury that Namibia has to offer. Visitors travelling from the United States, Europe Countries and countries with strong currencies will find that the restaurants and groceries ranges from affordable to cheap.

Overall, visitors to Namibia will find that their dollar goes a long way and they can travel comfortably and affordably through the country.

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