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It would be our pleasure to welcome you to Namibia. We would like your trip to be memorable, and we hope that our tips and advice will ensure that things run smoothly.

Before travelling to Namibia, make sure regarding the visa entry requirements. If you require a visa to enter Namibia, kindly contact the nearest consulate in advance to ensure that your travel documents are in order. See our section on Entering Namibia .

If you plan on renting a vehicle or driving within Namibia during your visit, ensure that you have a valid international driver`s license. There are a number of roadblocks setup throughout the country, and drivers are often requested to show a valid driver’s license.

Inform you bank in advance that you will be travelling abroad. Ensure that debit and / credit cards are active, and that your bank will be able to get in touch with you in case of any questions.

Ensure that you have the necessary travel and medical insurance when travelling abroad. It is far better to be covered adequately in case of a medical emergency. We recommend that your contact your insurance company before travelling.

Bring along a printed copy of all booking confirmations, reservations and proof of payments.

If you are receiving medical treatment or taking medication, remember to pack your medication. We recommend that you also bring along a letter from your medical practitioner to verify that the medication has been prescribed and for what medical condition it is intended for.

Carrying a large amount of cash is always a big risk and can make you an easy target for pick-pockets. Rather top up credit cards for payments and keep minimal amounts of cash on hand while travelling.

At All Round Namibian Tours and Travels we want your visit to Namibia to be the highlight of your visit - whether it be for a holiday or for business. There is no request too small or too big for us. We are looking forward to meeting you her in beautiful Namibia!

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